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January 01, 2010 0 Comments by Rebecca Buchanan

Michael Franklin

Program Manager, Client Services

Michael works out of the InnoCentive London office as a Program Manager. Michael has been involved in managing InnoCentive Challenges ranging all the way from developing new therapeutic approaches for treating diabetic nephropathy to identifying and showcasing social ventures in the higher education space. Outside of the office, he’ll either be on a hockey pitch somewhere in the South of England, or in the library studying for his Masters degree.

Catherine Covington

Program Manager, Client Services

Catherine works out of the InnoCentive Waltham (MA) office as a Program Manager. Catherine has been involved in managing InnoCentive Challenges from leading Seeker organizations including NASA and the Epilepsy Foundation SUDEP Institute. In her spare time, she likes painting and drawing, kayaking on the Charles, and rock climbing.

Mikey Hanson

Program Manager, Client Services

Mikey works out of the InnoCentive London office as a Program Manager. Mikey has been involved in managing a number of key InnoCentive Challenges including Conquer Paralysis Now, which will award $20 million of prizes and grants for paralysis research over the course of 10 years. In his spare time he works as a DJ and music producer and enjoys running, completing three marathons to date.

Rebecca Buchanan

Program Manager, Clients Services & Marketing

Rebecca out of the InnoCentive London office as a Program Manager, supporting both the Client Services and Marketing teams. Rebecca has been involved in key InnoCentive Custom and Premium Challenges including the EU-funded robotics project, RoCKIn, and the business ideas competition for staff and students at King’s College London - KCL Lion’s Den. In the evenings or weekends, she can either be found practicing yoga; organizing fundraising events for her favorite dog & cat re-homing charity or brushing up on her marketing skills.

Program Managers are key members of InnoCentive’s Challenge Expert team, who help a wide range of clients in meeting their innovation needs through InnoCentive’s Challenge Driven Innovation methodology and capabilities.

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