Open Innovation Greetings from the Road!

Last week was quite a travel adventure for me as I winded across the US and had meetings with innovation leaders from all over the world.We started out in Los Angeles attending the Milken Institute Global Conference. Thought leaders from around the globe gathered to discuss the most pressing issues of the day as well as the newest in business and technical innovations. Present among the crowd were Sumner Redstone, Bill Bennett, Governor Schwarzenegger, Maria Bartiromo, Michael Milken and many others. At the conference we had the opportunity to participate in a couple of panel sessions focused on building WE rather than ME organizations.

Congrats to the Top Solvers

April 30, 2008 1 Comment in Challenges by Lisa Reinhold

What a wonderful day to announce the InnoCentive Top Solver Awards for 2007! I think it’s fitting that we launched the blog the same day that we honored the top Solvers, because after all this blog is devoted to our Solver community.

David H. Tracy

April 29, 2008 4 Comment in Solvers by Liz Moise

I'm relatively new to InnoCentive, with two awards under my belt. Someone told me about InnoCentive back in 2004. I checked it out, was definitely intrigued by the concept and quickly joined as a Solver. Both the challenge of attacking novel real problems and the prospect of actually getting paid for doing so were highly attractive. I regularly checked out the Challenges posted, but for several years I didn't take the plunge and submit a solution. Why not? Partly it was the subject matter - I'm a physicist, and most of the early problems needed a chemistry or biochemistry background. Also, I was pretty busy with my "day jobs," technical consulting and local volunteer […]

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