Crystallised Challenges – Some Favorites From Our Fifteen Years

Posted by Michael Franklin on Aug 24, 2016 6:53:00 AM

Starting as a brainwave in 1998, InnoCentive spent three years being scoped, explored and tested whilst within the walls of pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly. InnoCentive became an official entity in 2001 and during the intervening fifteen years has posted over 2,000 Challenges and awarded nearly $20million. To mark our 15th birthday we look back at notable successes, celebrate the impact Challenges have made, and most importantly acknowledge our excellent Solvers whose ground-breaking ideas have been given the opportunity to flourish through the Challenge Driven Innovation model.

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Open: The Rising Prefix

Posted by Graham Buchanan on Aug 17, 2016 12:01:44 PM

Technology is breaking down barriers everywhere and immersing us further and further into the digital age. As with most things, there are negatives – increased susceptibility to hacking and fraud, trading of illicit goods on the dark web, possibility for greater surveillance and compromised privacy – but also a wealth of opportunities and positive potential. We at InnoCentive have witnessed this potential first hand but open innovation is part of a much broader movement. Whether it’s within programming, data science, government, academia, creative content or even banking, we are seeing an explosion of initiatives built around the principles of openness, transparency and collaboration. In this post, we look at some of the latest developments in the domains that are part of this ‘open revolution’.

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Open Innovation – Evolving from the Exotic to the Everyday

Posted by Michael Franklin on Jul 22, 2016 6:42:04 AM

Since their re-emergence at the turn of the millennium, crowdsourcing and open innovation have been buzz-phrases of the business world - frequently spoken, but less frequently understood. They represented excitement, novelty, competitions, rapid results. Everything that the age of technology promised and more. As time proceeded and companies moved beyond just talking about crowdsourcing to actually undertaking it, this newness and excitement may have receded somewhat, but instead an accurate realisation and usage has taken its place. Open innovation has evolved from the exotic, to the everyday.

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