Thoughts from the CTO & Registration Redesign

Posted by David Ritter on May 27, 2008 9:16:26 AM

Welcome to my first post as CTO at InnoCentive.  I'm responsible for the planning and development of our products, including the features on our web site.  In my posts I'll share with you some of the thinking behind our work, give previews of what we're planning, and ask for your input and feedback.

We have some significant changes in the works, and I'm really looking forward to the dialog. Most recently, we've redesigned the registration system on the site.  You may not have noticed the change, since most users only register once.  But this significant rework is an important indicator of how we think about the user experience on the site.  We wanted to accomplish several things:

Make it fast and easy to register for the first time.  Basic registration went from a very involved, 4-page process to a single, concise page.

Reduce login problems.  You can now login with either your username or your email address.  We've also made the "lost password" and other help pathways more friendly.

- Allow you to tell us about both your expertise and your other interests. For example, my background is in computer science; I have (at least some) expertise in that field.  I'm also interested in marketing, but I wouldn't consider myself an expert.  I'd like to have the site recommend challenges to me in both areas. To allow for this, we've provided a way for you to express this distinction in your profile.

- Collect information only when needed.  We ask for your contact information only when necessary to validate your electronic approval of a legal agreement, such as when you create a new Project Room.

We feel that the last point is really important.  Whenever we request information, it should be clear to you why we're asking for it and how we're going to use it.  If there are areas of the site where you feel this is less than obvious, please let us know.

Over the coming weeks, we'll begin to introduce a range of new features intended to make a more efficient, lively, and interactive place to visit.  Active participation from Solvers will form a major part of the experience.  We hope to see you there soon and often.


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