Greetings from the Road: Part II

Posted by Tom Venable on Jun 3, 2008 11:38:42 AM

As the road warrior member of the InnoCentive blogging team, today I would like to share with you a really cool event I was fortunate to be a part of last week.

On the campus of The Ohio State University (yes, that is the proper way to describe the Buckeye university) the Resource Interactive Group held their annual iCitizen forum on marketing in the digital age. Attendees included brand managers, marketing communications leaders and product marketers from large retail, consumer products and manufacturing companies.

The day featured a bevy of panelists and presenters that all focused their various marketing expertise on the power of the crowd and using cutting edge web methods to execute traditional marketing activities ranging from research to product placement to brand building.

Now many of you may be wondering what InnoCentive was doing at a digital marketing conference given we are primarily known for helping solve tough scientific and technology challenges. The answer is really twofold:

1. Even though our Solvers work on solving intricate science and technology problems, their answers and solutions are really imbedded into a larger product development project. Often our Seekers have trouble solving discreet problems within a higher product development effort and look to our Solvers to find that breakthrough idea that will be them the market quicker and cheaper than usual. As product managers, brand managers and marketing professionals, the attendees all have a vested interested in getting new products to market faster and less expensively.

2. With the great results of our recent InnoCentive Video Challenge, we have proven that our Solver community has a lot of creative marketing ideas and experience. The market is beginning to see InnoCentive and its Solvers as a great resource to solve marketing and business challenges as well as the traditional science and technology problems we know so well. We expect this marketing category to catch on quickly and are looking for more solvers in this area. If you are a current Solver and know some marketing and creative types that may not be aware of InnoCentive, please let them know about us. We now have an official Refer-A-Friend program that allows you to refer your friends and share in awards that they receive.

You can read some more about iCitizen and our participation in the following blogs:

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That's all for now - and if you see me on an airplane, train, taxi or street corner - be sure to say “HI!”


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