John Davis

Posted by Liz Moise on Jul 15, 2008 10:17:27 AM

My name is John Davis and I studied chemistry at Illinois State University under Dr. Cheryl D. Stevenson and at Notre Dame under Dr. Bradley D. Smith. Currently, I work as a consultant for petrochemical and general manufacturing facilities, but like most people, I have worked a number of different jobs.

One summer I gained some experience pouring concrete, and I used some of what I learned from that experience to help solve the InnoCentive Challenge “Breaking Viscous Shear of Crude Oil”. Concrete vibrators are used to allow the concrete to easily flow into fine cracks and crevices, and also are used to restore liquid flow to concrete that has begun to set-up prematurely. I realized that with some minor modifications, pneumatic concrete vibrators could solve the problem of Breaking the Viscous Shear of Crude Oil by restoring liquid flow to the icy slush mixture.

I plan to take a vacation and visit OSRI in Cordova Alaska when it gets warmer. It means a lot to me to know that my Innocentive Solution was used by OSRI because their work is so important. It is very exciting to know that my idea is helping their cause. I intend to make a donation to OSRI with some of the award money so that they can find the most environmentally friendly means to clean up oil spills.

For more details on my story, click here to watch my video on YouTube.

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