Crowdsourcing: A Live Discussion - reactions to Jeff Howe's interview on WNPR

Posted by abingham on Aug 25, 2008 4:16:16 PM

WNPR will interview Jeff Howe, and Dwayne Spradlin at 9am EST on their live show "Where We Live" tomorrow, Tuesday August 26th. The topic is Crowdsourcing, what it means, and how people are currently taking advantage of the opportunities it brings. I thought it would be great to hear from you, as most of you represent "the crowd" in this metaphor, and have unique perspectives on what it means to you. When does it work, when does it fail? Please share your thoughts - before, during, and after the show airs by adding comments below. I will be monitoring and contributing to the discussion as well.

WNPR: Where We Live: Crowdsourcing - 8.26.08

Listen In Online:
You can hear the show, streaming live online on
If you live in the WNPR area (CT, RI, NY) you can listen to it live on your local WNPR station

Tuesday, August 26th, 9am EST

Topics: Innovation Insights

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