InnoCentive and SAP Partner to Expand Access to Open Innovation

Posted by Dwayne Spradlin on Sep 9, 2008 8:02:10 PM
Many of you may have already seen the news today that InnoCentive and SAP have partnered in the Open Innovation space. Through this partnership, InnoCentive will increase both its reach and coverage for Seekers and Solvers in our community, with a focus on a number of SAP related spaces (e.g., Information Technology) and SAP will promote InnoCentive and Open Innovation to the SAP Global Ecosystem (customers, partners, community members, and SAP itself).  This is an exciting deal and accordingly, I wanted to take a few moments to outline the partnership and to answer a number of the questions we anticipate being asked.

This deal was concluded last week and key points of partnership include:
  1. Launch of the SAP Innovation and Technology Pavilion - SAP is sponsoring the new SAP Innovation and Technology Pavilion which went live on InnoCentive today.  Here, members of SAP’s Global Ecosystem may post and solve innovation challenges in SAP related areas like Information Technology, Software Design, Computing, and Business Process Improvement.  All members of InnoCentive’s Global Solver Network are eligible to work on these challenges.  In order to inaugurate the new Pavilion, SAP has already posted 4 exciting new challenges of its own.  Have a look!
  2. Invitation to SAP’s Worldwide Communities to join InnoCentive Global Solver Network - Open Invitation for members of the SAP Developer’s Network (SDN) and Business Process eXperts (BPX) communities to become InnoCentive Solvers.  SDN and BPX community members total more than 1.4MM worldwide and represent a wonderful opportunity to enrich our presence in a number areas important to InnoCentive Seekers as they roll out InnoCentive across their businesses.  SDN and BPX members are encouraged work not only on SAP Pavilion challenges, but also challenges in all other areas of InnoCentive where they can apply their impressive capabilities to solving relevant problems (and winning awards!).
  3. SAP Investment in InnoCentive – SAP invested in InnoCentive, a sign of a truly strategic partnership.
Anticipating a number of the questions you might have, I will attempt to answer a few here:   

What does this mean for Seekers?
We have substantially expanded coverage in important new areas (e.g., computer science, software, etc.).  Our vision is to bring Open Innovation to all areas of Innovation and Business.  Through this partnership with one of the world’s premier enterprise software companies, we take a significant step forward in fulfilling that vision.

What does this mean to existing InnoCentive Solvers?

This means that the rate at which Challenges are posted on the InnoCentive network will grow even faster.  SAP works with blue chip firms and non-profit organizations all over the world to which we will jointly evangelize the huge potential of Open Innovation.  Through this partnership, you will have more opportunities to solve more Challenges from more organizations and in a broader array of industries than ever before.

I hope you will join all of us in welcoming SAP and members of the SAP SDN and BPX communities to the InnoCentive family.  By bringing together InnoCentive’s prize based innovation marketplace and the SAP Global Ecosystem, we're raising the bar on how enterprise organizations leverage and contribute to open innovation via the Web.

As always, we want you to be as excited about this announcement as we are.  Let me encourage you to ask any questions or to offer any thoughts.

Best regards,
Dwayne, CEO of InnoCentive

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