Crowdsourcing Your Relationships

Posted by Connie French on Oct 10, 2008 2:51:25 PM

Have you ever had a dispute with someone that you just couldn’t settle and couldn’t get past? Wonder if the world would agree with your perspective? We recently came across SideTaker – a site where you can take your most personal conflicts to the crowd for resolution. Simply post your side of an argument, while your significant other (or friend or roommate or dogsitter) posts theirs. Observers read both, pick a side and provide helpful relationship advice or, more often, mock the posters mercilessly. Ads on the site are heavily slanted toward dating sites, which instantly makes this seem like a feeder system into a larger matchmaking venture. It’s highly entertaining and completely addictive, but is it really crowdsourcing? Can relationship issues be resolved this way? Tell us what you think.

Topics: Innovation Insights

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