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Posted by Connie French on Nov 14, 2008 10:24:59 AM

In the second installment of the InnoCentive Client Services blog series, Marilyn provides a primer on one of the most important, and most under-used resources available to InnoCentive Solvers.

Greetings from Marilyn:

I handle the Support line at InnoCentive’s home office here in Waltham, MA. Many questions are received at my desk and hopefully answered in a timely fashion. However, in this article, I would like to pose a few questions for you. If you can answer them you can probably skip to the bottom of this post for the "how can you help?" question.

Specifically, do you know:

- Where you can review all the submissions you’ve sent to InnoCentive?
- Where you can find the evaluations sent by our scientists addressing those submissions?
- How you change your password?
- Where to go to update your picture or bio when you win a Challenge?
- Where to go to update your interests or expertise?

If you continue reading and do a bit of exploring, you should be able to answer all of these questions!

To start, I’d like to provide a quick overview of a great resource that we have for you.  We call it “My InnoCentive” because, as a Solver, each of you have your own page containing all of your unique information and documenting all of your activity on our site.

There are currently 4 sections to this page:

My Challenges

This section contains Challenges we think you’d be most interested in, as well as your open, closed, and awarded Challenges.

The Open Challenges section lists the current Challenges on the MarketPlace for which you have opened a Project Room. A red envelope by the Challenge Number alerts you to any new messages waiting about the Challenge. To re-enter the Project Room, submit solutions, ask questions or retrieve messages, click on the Challenge number.

As the Challenges close and are taken off the InnoCentive MarketPlace, all the information contained in the Project Room is moved to the Closed Challenges tab where it is always available for you to review. All messages and submissions are available for review on any Challenge for which you have opened a Project Room. If you have a winning submission the Challenge will be moved to the Awarded Challenges tab.

My Interests

By clicking on the tab and highlighting My Interests, you can share your Interests and/or Expertise. We encourage you to share this information so we are better able to suggest new Challenges as they are posted to the InnoCentive MarketPlace.
My Account

The My Account tab allows you to update email, password, mailing address, and other contact information. If you are a member of the SAP community you are able to store your User Id on this page. Here is also where you can share a bit more info on yourself and subscribe to email notifications and our Newsletter.

My Public Profile

The My Public Profile is where you enter the data that will be displayed on the Awarded Challenge page when you become an Awarded Solver. You can choose to remain anonymous or complete the different fields found there. Be sure to click the Publicize button by each data field. You can even upload a picture.

In Closing...

ALWAYS remember to Save changes when you alter any of the fields on the My Interests, My Account or My Public Profile tabs. I all too often forget to Save changes and get annoyed until I realize I am the guilty one for not clicking Save! My InnoCentive is where you have access to all your history with us. Please take a look! The easiest and only way to get there is to log in. I bet you are now able to explore and answer all the questions posed at the beginning. You probably can answer a few more questions as well!!

How can you help?

We are in the process of reorganizing some of the information displayed at My InnoCentive. I’d like to hear your thoughts on how to make this resource even more useful to you. If you have ideas to make this area better, please respond in the comments of this post!

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