Attention SAP Solvers!

Posted by Connie French on Dec 2, 2008 10:59:13 AM

Hey SAP Solvers - did you know that now, in addition to having your own Challenge pavilion, containing Challenges specific to your expertise, you can also earn SCN points for submitting Solutions and for winning awards?

The announcement below is cross-posted from Martin Raepple's SAP Developer Network blog:

Earning SCN Points with InnoCentive

Exciting news for all who have worked on any of the Challenges in the SAP Innovation & Technology Pavilion at InnoCentive: The SCN Contributor Recognition Program has been extended to award all SCN members who actively participate in SAP's new Open Innovation program, announced this year at SAP TechEd Las Vegas.

How do I earn points with InnoCentive?

A few prerequisites must be met before you can earn SCN Points with InnoCentive:

  1. You are a registered member of the SAP Community Network. If not, a warm welcome to you and join our community right now!
  2. You have registered as a Solver with the InnoCentive Solver Community. If not, just follow this link to get your free account within a minute.
  3. You have entered your SCN User ID in your user profile at InnoCentive. This is required to uniquely identify your SCN account at InnoCentive. Any points earned with your Solver account will be awarded to the SCN User ID you have entered here.

Please follow the steps below to update your profile.

  1. After successful log on at the InnoCentive marketplace click on the "My Account" tab of your "My InnoCentive" personal home page.
  2. At the end of your contact information you'll find an entry field with the label "SAP Community Network User ID". Please enter your SCN User ID here and click on the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page.
  3. If you don't know your SCN User ID, go to SCN and click on the "Update Profile" link in the "My Profile" menu at the top of the page.  Your SCN User ID is the first, non editable field in the form that allows you to manage your SCN profile data.

How many points are awarded for my contributions at InnoCentive?

Every Solver who meets the above requirements and submits a solution to an InnoCentive Challenge is eligible to earn 50 SCN Points. If you are the lucky winner of a Challenge in the SAP Innovation & Technology Pavilion, you not only get the prize money but you are also awarded 150 SCN Points.

Get Started Now!

Earning SCN Points is just another good reason why you should become an InnoCentive Solver and submit innovative solutions to complex problems facing SAP's ecosystem.  Join the more than 2000 Solvers who already started working on the Challenges in the SAP Pavilion and potentially receive financial rewards in addition to the recognition and professional growth already available in SDN, BPX, and the Business Objects communities.

Martin Raepple is a security expert with SAP and author of the SAP PRESS book "The Developer's Guide to SAP NetWeaver Security".

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