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Posted by Connie French on Jan 20, 2009 1:17:31 PM

Recently InnoCentive posted a Challenge asking Solvers to develop a 30-90 second marketing video to promote InnoCentive and the benefits of being a Seeker. This was a project that grew out of the success of our 2008 video Challenge, where we requested a video highlighting the benefits of being a Solver.

In the Challenge, we asked Solvers to promote, in a persuasive, innovative and fun way, the benefits of being an active InnoCentive Seeker, including the following themes:

Faster time to market for products
Bigger breakthroughs
Lower R&D cost
Access to world class talent
Becoming an Open Innovation Champion
The added value of InnoCentive's expert support team at every step of the open innovation process.

The response was amazing - we had almost 400 Project Rooms opened for this Challenge. We had many outstanding submissions, and narrowing them down was tough, but we have selected the top five and posted them on the InnoCentive YouTube Channel.  Now we'd like to hear from you.  Go to the InnoCentive YouTube Channel to vote on the video you think is the best, using the YouTube rating system.  We will also hold a vote within InnoCentive to determine which video we think best answers the Challenge criteria.  The two winning Solvers will each receive an award.


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