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Posted by Lisa Reinhold on Feb 13, 2009 9:48:40 AM


I have some exciting news to share with you today.  As a result of all your feedback last year, we have multiple website updates planned this year.  The first update is now live and appears in the "My InnoCentive" area of the website.  For Solvers, this is the section of the website you see once you've logged in.  We focused on 5 key changes that we hope will make the website easier to use and more informative:

  1. Upon login, you'll notice that the two recommended Challenges have been removed and replaced with a tab called "Recommended" where we will display 10 Challenges that reflect your interests and expertise.  You can easily view the details of a recommended Challenge by clicking the icon in the Functions column.  To create the recommended Challenge list, we follow the search order below:
    • Challenges matching your profile interests and expertise
    • Challenges matching categories associated with Awarded/Submitted Challenges
    • Challenges matching categories associated with your Open/Closed Challenges
    • Challenges recently posted
  2. On the Open/Closed tabs, we have added a Challenge count in the tab area.
  3. On the Open Challenges page, the "Created" column has been removed and two new columns have been added, "Status" and "Functions."The "Status" column will provide you with the Challenge's current status.  The "Status" will either be 1) Open: meaning that the Seeker is still accepting submissions to this Challenge or 2) Under Eval - which means the Seeker is no longer accepting submissions and they are currently evaluating the submissions that were received

    The "Function" column displays functions that are available.  There are 3 possible function icons available: 1) Envelope icon: Displays all messages related to the challenge (A red envelope indicates that you have a new message.)  2)  Agreement icon: Displays the agreement associated with the Challenge and 3) Red X:  Allows you to remove a Challenge from your open Challenge list.  You will not see this option if you have submitted a solution for the Challenge.  Just like before, the date you uploaded your submission will display in the "Submission" column.

  4. On the Closed Challenges page, the "Created" column was removed and replaced by the "Submitted" column.  The date you uploaded your submission will appear in the Submitted column for all Challenges where you participated.  A "Function" column was also added so that you can easily 1) view all the messages related to a Challenge which includes the evaluation and challenge results, 2) review the specific agreement for the Challenge or 3) remove the Challenge from your list if you did not send in a Submission for the Challenge.
  5. For those Solvers who have winning Submissions, you will see an Awarded tab that lists your winning Challenges and Award Amounts.

Click the screen below for a more detailed view:


Let us know what you think. Is the site easier to use?  What additional functionality can we add to the site to improve your experience?  Your voice is important to us so let's keep the communication lines open.


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