RSS feeds now on!

Posted by Connie French on Feb 26, 2009 6:10:39 PM

RSS feeds are a popular way to let people subscribe to timely updates from their favorite web sites. Instead of having to keep checking the web site to see what's new, you can sit back on your couch and let your RSS reader application do all the work.

Our "Perspectives on Innovation" blog already has an RSS feed. Now we've added feeds for Challenges as well, so you can quickly and easily find out when InnoCentive posts a new Challenge.  Just go to our RSS home page, click on the orange RSS icon next to the Challenge feed that interests you, then follow your web browser's instructions to subscribe to the feed. You can sign up for feeds that include all open Challenges, or only Challenges in a particular discipline (e.g., Business/Entrepreneurship or Life Sciences), or only Challenges that belong to a particular pavilion (e.g., Clean Tech and Renewable Energy). Each discipline and pavilion page also has an RSS icon that links to the feed for that page.

Take our feeds out for a spin and send us comments, flowers, and brickbats!

Walter Gillett
Director of Research and Development

Topics: Challenges

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