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Posted by Connie French on Mar 13, 2009 11:48:39 AM

As many of you may remember, in November 2008 InnoCentive ran an ideation Challenge looking for ideas for redesigning the InnoCentive website. The Challenge's Summary stated: "InnoCentive is inviting Solvers to join its efforts in redesigning our website. We are asking Solvers to provide us with innovative and creative new design elements that we might integrate into the final website design."

Now that the Challenge has wrapped, I asked the Challenge owner, Gabriel Eichler of InnoCentive Client Services, to tell us a bit about the results, and about his experience as a Seeker.

Gabe, how many Solvers did you award for this Challenge?

In the end we awarded three Solvers for contributions that were extremely impressive - both in terms of their creativity and the sheer amount of effort that they demonstrated.

Can you describe the winning submissions?

Two of our Solvers provide for us with graphical mock-ups of their ideas for redesigning our home page. As you can see, we have restructured the homepage considerably and provided a much more intuitive and clean look and feel.  Elements of their designs have percolated onto the website's homepage and you will continue to see those improvements be brought into the site.

The third Solver provided us with some very creative ideas that we've slowly been adding to the site in order to improve its functionality for both Seekers and Solvers. She has provided us with some ways to improve the marketplace and make it more dynamic.

Were there any ideas that went above and beyond simply redesigning the home page?

Absolutely. One Solver's submission offered us ways of improving the My InnoCentive page in a way that would improve your experience. Many of her comments and ideas were integrated into the newly released My InnoCentive page.  Another interesting and valuable idea included better communication options for Solvers. We have begun to roll that out with RSS and will continue to give you more choices as we have time to develop them.

Also, this Solver recommended that we consider improving our integration with other applications and communities like Facebook. She was totally right and we're working on that. It is still a little ways off, but we hope to bring you more of that sort of added functionality in the coming months.

How did it feel being on the Seeker end of this Challenge, as opposed to your traditional role of consultant to the Seeker and Solver?

It was really fun - and a great opportunity to see what our Seekers go through as they see submissions coming in.

Is there anything you'd like to say to the Solvers who submitted solutions to this Challenge?

As the Client Services representative that ran this Challenge, I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the impressive efforts by the Solver community to improve the website that we all love so much.  This is Your InnoCentive and we're happy to make it as useful and enjoyable for you as it can be. Thank you all for the hard work.

Happy Solving.


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