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Posted by Connie French on Apr 6, 2009 8:29:09 AM

Aaron M. Renn, a Solver from Chicago and Indianapolis, recently won the InnoCentive Challenge "Ideas for Increasing Public Transportation Use to Reduce Greenhouse Gases in Chicago".

I grew up in a small town in rural Indiana. While I love the country, after graduating from Indiana University with a business degree, work carried me off to Chicago where I fell in love with city living. Professionally, I've worked mostly in the technology space, but I also developed an interest in urban affairs, including transportation, economic development, branding, the arts, and architecture and design. A couple of years ago I started writing my blog on these issues, The Urbanophile, though I have long been a writer on the subject. I published a very early internet blog about transit in Chicago in the 1990's.

I was unfamiliar with InnoCentive prior to this Challenge. One of the people who reads my blog actually emailed me information about the Challenge, saying it looked like something I would be interested in. Indeed, I was, and felt I had a lot to contribute to the cause of boosting transit ridership in Chicago. I love Chicago, and my motivation for responding to the Challenge was to help make it an even greater city than it already is.

Find out more about Aaron on his blog The Urbanophile.

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