Interview with Dr. Peter Diamandis, CEO of The X Prize Foundation

Posted by Connie French on May 13, 2009 11:39:03 AM

On June 8th and 9th The X PRIZE Foundation, in partnership with BT Global Services, the John Templeton Foundation and the United Nations Office for Partnerships, will host incentive2innovate (i2i) - a two-day conference that will put c-suite executives face-to-face with some of the word's greatest innovators to discuss two powerful yet underutilized tools: open collaboration and incentive prizes. During a series of intimate sessions, attendees will have an opportunity to build relationships with peers and engage in discussions focused on how open collaboration and incentive prize competitions can be leveraged to create new ideas that will benefit an organization's bottom line.

Dwayne Spradlin, InnoCentive President and Chief Executive Officer, and Alpheus Bingham, Ph.D, InnoCentive Founder and Board of Directors member, are two of the conference's featured speakers. Others include Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief, Huffington Post; Filippo Passerini, chief information and global services officer, Procter & Gamble; and Dan Tapscott, Author, "Growing Up Digital: The Rise of the Net Generation." Dan Tapscott will deliver the opening keynote speech.

Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, chairman and CEO, The X PRIZE Foundation, joins us to share more about the upcoming conference.

Hi Peter.  Thanks for talking with us today.  Can you tell us, what is the goal for the i2i conference?

The X PRIZE Foundation is a recognized leader in bringing about "radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity." The i2i conference is an extension of our efforts to create such breakthroughs in the business, government and nonprofit worlds. The conference goal is to showcase and drive dialogue around two powerful yet underutilized tools that can create fundamental breakthroughs within an organization's walls to positively impact their bottom line performance, the economy and the world.

The X PRIZE Foundation, BT and the John Templeton Foundation have seen first-hand how these tools can be used to bring about radical changes for humanity, spur the development and growth of new industries and generate innovative ideas and technologies from individuals across the globe. We want to increase awareness and usage of these tools within the business, government and nonprofit communities to help them improve the pace, cost and quality of innovation. We've brought together a dynamic group of innovators who, through a series of breakout sessions, will do exactly that.

Who is the audience for this conference, and what should they expect to learn?

We invite forward-thinking c-suite executives (CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, etc.), foundation, political and academic leaders, and social entrepreneurs to attend i2i. Attendees will gain an opportunity to network with peers and listen to and discuss compelling real-world solutions to some of the biggest problems organizations face in today's economic downturn. Attendees will walk away from the conference equipped with a better understanding of how to use open collaboration and incentive prize competitions to develop practical methods for creating a culture of open innovation, concrete ways to leverage limited resources, and applications to help them drive innovation while improving bottom line performance.

What actions do you hope attendees will take in the future as a result of attending the conference?

After i2i, we hope to see more organizations looking for innovative and cost effective business solutions through incentive prize competitions. We hope they recognize the value in sourcing new ideas from employees outside of the normal decision-making chain and are better equipped to tap into the creativity of the general public.

What is the connection of the conference with the United Nations?

The United Nations Office for Partnerships and The X PRIZE Foundation share a common vision to solve some of humanity's greatest challenges. We believe the UN is the best forum to synthesize our parallel visions.

One of the breakout sessions will focus on healthcare. How was this focus selected?

Day one of the i2i conference will focus on introducing open collaboration and incentive prizes. Day two focuses on the practical application of these tools within various industries, of which healthcare is one. The healthcare industry was chosen because of our current focus on launching a prize in this area.

Experts agree that the U.S. healthcare system is in great need of innovative solutions to increase healthcare value and improve the health of our nation's population. To address this issue, we're planning to launch later this year a $10+ Million Healthcare X PRIZE with our partners WellPoint, Inc. and the WellPoint Foundation. During our healthcare breakout session, J. Craig Venter, founder and president, J. Craig Venter Institute; Samuel R. Nussbaum, M.D., Executive Vice President, Clinical Health Policy and Chief Medical Officer, WellPoint, Inc.; Yury Rozenman, head of Strategy and Marketing, Healthcare and Life Sciences, BT; will highlight concrete ways the healthcare industry has used open collaboration to spur advancement. The speakers will also explain how the soon-to-launch Healthcare X PRIZE is expected to revolutionize the industry.

Thanks Peter.

To learn more about incentive2innovate or to register to attend, visit You can also find updates on the conference blog ( and on Twitter (

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