What Have You Done With Your InnoCentive Prize Winnings?

Posted by Connie French on Jul 9, 2009 10:58:35 AM

A few weeks ago, InnoCentive Solver Ed Herrmann Tweeted the following: "Just deposited my Innocentive check for the Polestar Challenge. Now I just need to decide what to buy; suggestions?" He received a few responses, including an enthusiastic suggestion to sponsor a happy hour in Phoenix.  In the end, he used the money to purchase a new server and an SDN Subscription. He's planning to use the server to run the SAP Web Application Server which comes with the subscription, which will provide him with his own licensed SAP system to use for future SAP related InnoCentive Challenges.

Over the years, we've heard about Solvers using their winnings for all manner of things - from philanthropy to upgrading lab equipment to upgrading home entertainment equipment.  John Davis, winner of the OSRI oil spill Challenge is planning to use his winnings to fund a trip to Alaska, to help the Seeker, the Oil Spill Recovery Institute, develop and implement his solution.  In addition, he donated some of his winnings to OSRI to be used toward finding more environmentally friendly methods of cleaning up oil spills.

What about you?  What have you done with your winnings?  If you haven't yet won an award, what do you think you would do?  Tell us!

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