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Posted by Steve Shapiro on Aug 6, 2009 11:09:39 AM

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 I just completed my first month as InnoCentive’s “VP Strategic Consulting & Chief Innovation Evangelist.”  In a short period of time, we made excellent progress on a number of fronts and will be announcing our plans shortly.  My next task is to build my team.

And maybe that includes you!

I am looking for a number of highly skilled innovation experts who want to help me launch this exciting new venture.  In short, I am looking to hire people who are passionate about…

  - delivering innovation consulting to several clients at the same time. Our unique “catalyst” model reduces the amount of time spent with any one client while improving results.

 - participating in sales activities of the company. Although this involves some lead generation (no cold calling), most leads will be generated by a dedicated sales team. The consultant’s primary sales role is focused on proposal development.

 - creating intellectual property and methodologies that will help the consulting team be more effective and ensure consistency of delivery.

If you want to get a sense of my high level innovation philosophy, please read the following articles:

You can learn much more about the role in the InnoCentive Innovation Consultant Job Description

If you have questions, write me at

I want YOU for innovation!

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