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Posted by Connie French on Sep 24, 2009 3:15:17 PM

Earlier this month, InnoCentive launched its third video Challenge, seeking a video that showcases InnoCentive Solvers' ability to change the world.   This Challenge is one of a growing number of marketing Challenges posted recently to the Marketplace, as Seekers  discover that the InnoCentive Solver Community is a great resource for "voice of the customer" input on products, branding and messaging and new commercial applications for current products.

We learned a few things from our first two video Challenges, and we put those learnings into the writing of this one.  For example:

Solvers know Solvers.  The best videos we received were from people who understood the Solver community and what they would respond to.  The cost to convene a focus group to attain the same results would have been prohibitive.  This is most likely also why we received so many more submissions for the Solver video than for the Seeker video - Solvers were more motivated to create something that they could relate to.

Our Solvers are incredibly creative. We know our Solvers are brilliant, but the creativity we saw in the submissions blew us away.  We realized that if we provided a bit more thought into how we wanted to use these videos, we would probably see submissions that were applicable for a wide variety of uses - some that we hadn't even considered before.

Our Solvers love to help others. We knew this already too, but hadn't thought to make "helping others" a core component for this Challenge.  Given that this is a known passion within our Solver community, and that passion drives people to accomplish great things, we're hoping that adding this element will yield even greater results.

So how will we use these videos?

As we've stated in all of our video Challenges, we plan to use the videos in marketing campaigns.  When we said this with our first Challenge, we had no idea whether we'd actually be able to use the winning videos.  However, once we saw the submissions and selected winners, we started seeking out opportunities to show them.  They've been seen in sales presentations, at trade shows, on our web site, on our YouTube Channel, in media pitches - anywhere a video is appropriate.   People watching the videos - whether they are Seeker or Solver prospects, instantly understand the value of the InnoCentive crowdsourcing model.

With this Challenge, we're in the unique position of being our own Seeker client.  It's a humbling experience to say the least.  Seeing the Client Services team in action is inspiring - the volume of paperwork, questions and requests they receive is massive - yet they keep things running smoothly while managing many Challenges simultaneously.  All with efficiency, courtesy and a much appreciated sense of humor.

This Challenge is important to InnoCentive.   We want to know what our Solvers think about us, and how they would describe us to others.  We hope that these videos inspire more people to become Solvers - and get their chance to help change the world.

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