I’m a Solver – Giorgia Sgargetta

Posted by Connie French on Nov 20, 2009 12:27:06 PM

Giorgia Sgargetta is the winner of the Challenge of turning dishwater blue when more soap was needed, featured on CNBC.

I was born in Cannara, a small town in Umbria (center Italy). I lived with my mom Carla, my dad Giorgio and my brother Federico. Federico is 2 years older than me and like all brothers and sisters we fought like cats and dogs; now we are very united. I now live in Moscufo, Abruzzo (a little bit more in the south of Italy). I live with my partially-fantastic husband, Alessandro (45) and my super-fantastic daughter Daiane (12). I am now 37 years old (birth on April 28, 1972).

My working life
After high school (Liceo Scientifico Convitto Principe di Napoli) I chose to study chemistry at Perugia University where I got my PHD in 1997. I discussed a thesis concerning the use of lipase enzymes in organic synthesis. I remember that day also because my car broken during the in-travel to the university and I also lost my driving license. My first work as chemist was at Scala S.p.A., an Italian laundry detergent manufacturer. The company was located near Rome. These years have been very interesting for me as I had occasion to work on QA, R&D and also answering at the phone Consumer’s complains (sometimes for formulas I developed!). This experience was very important for me. Then I moved to Abruzzo with my family and I joined Agriformula, an Italian manufacturer of agrochemicals (but we are located almost worldwide). Initially I was located at Bazzano plant (that is very close to the recent hearth quake that struck the city of L’Aquila). Now we have moved 20 Km far. I work both in the lab. and taking care of safety. Some years ago I tried to answer to an Innocentive challenge to challenge myself and for curiosity. Result was not positive but I am used to work hard and I tried again and again. I did not have particular suggestion to offer but you should try to improve a little bit each time, learning from experience. Even if I know InnoCentive people only by e-mail I am very grateful to people like Eugene Ivanov for their support.

What life means to me
Life to me means family and friends who you can trust and who trust you. My relatives and friends say that sometimes I work too hard. I really love to travel, in particular by ship and airplane. I consider myself lucky because until now I had the opportunity to visit a good portion of Europe and America. I hope to travel much more in future. Some years ago, with the family, I was involved as a volunteer in a project concerning support for child in the Brazilian Amazonia. It has been a strong experience. I like to live in a sort of farm and I have a lot of space for my beloved cats (number tends to increase….). We have also a little dog, Lilli. I love gardening and I am proud of my flowers. We have also olive oil threes (20) and we produce enough olive oil for the family.

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