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Posted by Beth Perkins on Jan 15, 2010 10:26:37 AM

In September 2008, a very important Challenge was solved by the InnoCentive community.  The Challenge was to create technology for a solar-powered wireless router to provide marginalized women and children in rural India access to the skills and knowledge needed to escape the sex trade.  This noble Seeker is the non-profit organization ASSET India. Today, you have the opportunity to help ASSET India further its cause to help at risk women and children in India.

ASSET India has won Round I of the $1 Million JP Morgan/Chase Giving Facebook voting contest, and they are now eligible for the Round II voting contest.  Voting starts at midnight January 15th and ends at midnight on January 22nd. The highest vote-getter receives the prize of $1 million. If ASSET India wins, they will use this money to give 5,000 women and children access to literacy programs.  They will also produce wireless routers to enable access for those in rural areas. The program is currently limited to 500 due to space and resource limitations so this prize would dramatically increase the program’s impact and enrollment.

InnoCentive is proud to be associated with such an organization, and we ask you to support ASSET India’s efforts by voting for them. Their literacy programs not only give women and children an opportunity to have a legitimate alternate livelihood by getting out of sex trade environment, but also give them knowledge, self-confidence and a purpose to better their lives, as captured so eloquently by documentary film producer Pat Loewi in this video of students at the ASSET center Delhi.

The voting link is:

Their target is 100,000 votes and we can help them reach their goal.

Thanks so much for your help!

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