Innovation on screen and the future of advertising – maybe?

Posted by Beth Perkins on Jan 26, 2010 10:54:42 AM

2010 is already a big year for innovative film-making – “Avatar” won the best film award at the Golden Globes. The history behind the movie is already blockbuster legend: James Cameron had to shelve this idea twelve years ago because the technology and film techniques did not exist in 1994. In 2005, confident that the technology had finally caught-up to his vision, he started work on “Avatar”. It is now considered to be a breakthrough in film-making technology, developed with cameras specifically designed for its production, and has boosted the techniques of 3D viewing and stereoscopic film-making exponentially.

My favorite movie innovation is one that is more within the movie as opposed to an actual technique. In 2002, Spielberg released this film called “Minority Report”, about a “precrime” police officer, played by Tom Cruise, who apprehended criminals based on the foreknowledge of three psychics called "precogs". Whilst that in itself is pretty forward-thinking way of handling crime, I want to focus on what has become known as the "mall scene". Check out the video from YouTube: this is the scene where Tom Cruise (who is trying very hard to be anonymous) walks into the mall and his retinas are getting scanned by 3D advertising screens. The screens subliminally call his name to get his attention and tell him a store has jeans in his size or the shirt style he last bought at such-and-such a store is on sale, etc.

I am simultaneously impressed and alarmed at the potential to be reached in such a focused and intimate manner. This concept is certainly not new - current web ads, for example, are banners of brands and items you have searched. But the ads in the movie were calling you by name! Oooo…..

Current shivers notwithstanding, tell us some innovations you’ve noticed in movies that you think are cool, and why!

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