New Initiative from InnoCentive Promotes Challenges for the Public Good

Posted by Connie French on Feb 25, 2010 1:24:28 PM


InnoCentive has recently launched a special initiative to help organizations in the non-profit and public sectors solve a myriad of social problems.

Here’s how it works.  Throughout 2010, InnoCentive will waive its typical posting fee for a single Challenge for selected organizations working to make a difference for the ‘public good’.  As with our traditional Challenges, the organization will identify the Challenge, cover the prize amount and support a media campaign to ensure broad participation.  But InnoCentive will provide its services for free.

‘Public Good’ Challenges get the same access to our diverse Solver community, bringing new thinking and expertise to problems facing communities worldwide.

The Chicago Chamber of Commerce recently completed a ‘Public Good’ Challenge that dramatically increased mass transit ridership.  A U.K.-based non-profit is drafting a Challenge in the education arena.  And we are working with an international medical research foundation on a Challenge focused on childhood disease.  The possibilities are endless.

What’s in it for you?  More Challenges mean more opportunities for our Solvers, and the ‘Public Good’ Challenges represent a whole new range of issues and problems to tackle.

What’s in it for InnoCentive?  While there is no direct financial gain, InnoCentive recognizes that what’s good for the world is good for us all.  InnoCentive will benefit in the long run by exposing the power of crowdsourcing to more potential organizations throughout the world.

If you know of an organization that might be interested in this special opportunity, please share this information with them, or contact Kathy Plazak at (Please be sure to provide the organizations name, web address, and a contact name and email.)

Be part of the 2010 Public Good Promotion, and refer a non-profit or public sector partner today!

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