InnoCentive Challenges featured at International Environmental Engineering Event

Posted by Connie French on Mar 17, 2010 9:24:53 AM

We recently posted several Challenges that focus on both engineering and the environment, specifically Challenges in the areas of water collection and conservation, harnessing alternative energy from lightning, and improved quality of life during space travel.

Shortly after posting these Challenges, we were approached by the organizers of an international environmental engineering event called Chemozàle .  The founders believed that event attendees would be a perfect audience for these particular Challenges, and, as a service to attendees, posted them on the event web site.  To date, we've had more than 100 people from Chemozàle visit our web site to view these Challenges - and hope to see many more.   We believe that Solvers are motivated to work on Challenges that really make a difference - and we are delighted to see the next generation of Solvers come forward to offer their time and efforts to resolve some of the world's critical issues.

About Chemozàle:

Chemozàle was founded in 1999 as an event for, by and of the Chemical Engineering Students Association (ChESA) of Nirma University.  Now in its 11th year, Chemozàle has grown to include over 100 top Technical & Business schools across India.  Chemozàle takes place in the city of Ahmedabad, and is a combination of workshops, competitions and exhibitions where the budding engineers of tomorrow showcase their creative, business, technical and environmental skills.  This year’s conference theme is ‘Zero Carbon Footprint’, and the festivities will include a tree-planting session to help mitigate the emission of CO2 into the environment. To quote one of the students, their hope is to “plant saplings to the tune equal to the amount of carbon generated because of the event.”

Check out the website, and if you’re a student anywhere in India,  drop by Chemozàle on March 26th and help them plant a tree!

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