Special Opportunity for Non-Profit and Public Sector Organizations

Posted by Connie French on Mar 26, 2010 12:16:13 PM

Attention non-profit and public sector organizations - a few weeks ago, InnoCentive announced a program just for you.  We've had some good response to this program so far, but we think there are more organizations in need that haven't heard about it yet, and our goal is to help as many people as possible.  So here it is again - please spread the word.

Throughout 2010, InnoCentive will waive its typical fee for posting and managing a single Challenge for selected non-profit and public sector organizations.

Participating organizations have the same access as our corporate Seekers to InnoCentive’s expert services and diverse international network of 200,000+ Solvers - scientists, inventors, engineers, researchers, and innovators from all walks of life - who can help you solve key challenges facing your organization and your community.

Just imagine that.  200,000 people trying to help you figure out how to get fresh water to earthquake survivors.  Or how to build a better mosquito trap for people in malaria zones.  Or even how to get people to recycle more.  You tell us your problem, we'll see if we can get it solved.  If your organization is selected, we'll provide the platform, manage the process, and provide advice along the way - free of charge.  The only cost to you is the award you'll pay the winner.

The Process.

InnoCentive staff will work with you to help you define your Challenge, and collaborate with you on a marketing plan to ensure that your Challenge not only reaches our extensive Solver network, but additional experts in your particular field.  The Challenge will then be posted on the InnoCentive website.  Interested Solvers submit their ideas on line, and our staff manages the process, answering questions and performing initial screening of solutions.  You then select the winner.  Once a Challenge is defined, the process typically takes 2 – 4 months, depending on the complexity of the Challenge.

How are organizations selected to participate?

InnoCentive is looking for a range of diverse organizations in terms of mission, geography, and types of Challenges.  All Challenges must be focused on delivering a benefit for the public good.  InnoCentive reserves the right to determine whether it can accommodate a particular organization’s Challenge and whether the InnoCentive Solver community can make a real difference.  Other than that, the promotion is generally on a first-come basis.

For more information.

For information about the 2010 Challenges for Public Good Promotion, please contact Kathy Plazak (kplazak@innocentive.com).

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