The Johnny Cash Project

Posted by abingham on Apr 16, 2010 3:47:23 PM

There is very interesting and artistic idea that is making the rounds around the web called the “The Johnny Cash” project. This is a crowdsourced art project using Johnny Cash’s song and video “Ain’t No Grave” as the blueprint for all the artwork. Contributors select a video frame as a template and, using a custom drawing tool, draw their impression of the singer and song onto that image. The website then amalgamates all the drawings and the final result is a video that is artfully textured with scribbles, scrawls, drawings and text.

The collective drawings play out a moving and ethereal portrait of the Man in Black and his final studio recording. For those who admire Johnny Cash’s music, this is profoundly personal way to share your creativity. This video is a testament not only of Johnny Cash’s enduring musical legacy but the power of imagination, inspiration and technological ingenuity. Each of these frames was created by a stranger, yet, taken together we have a cohesive whole that shares the imagery and themes of music, religion, life and spirituality.

The Johnny Cash Project is deceptively simple: a person doesn’t have to be an artist to use the drawing tool, so anyone can submit a unique piece. In addition, a frame can be selected multiple times, so each image can be rendered in a variety of ways. The system then randomly selects a drawing each time the video is played.

When a creative project like this is crowdsourced, it resonates with people at a global level, encouraging participation and collaboration. The end result is an organic piece of visual technology composed of a global catalog of illustrations and impressions of a musical genius.

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