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Posted by Connie French on Apr 20, 2010 3:32:51 PM

Omar Parve

Omar Parve has the distinction of being the first Estonian Solver to have won an InnoCentive Challenge. He was the winner of the "Isomeric Purity" Challenge.

I like such keywords as creativity, courageousness, independent positive personality.

My parents were veterinarians. My mother served as a chief veterinarian (“veterinary inspector”) of a county. I spent the first ten years of my life in a veterinary hospital because the family of the chief veterinarian was given lodging in a villa on the territory of the veterinary hospital. I participated everywhere and in everything, and "knew exactly” what kind of medicine had to be injected to a sick horse, cow or dog… I was allowed to watch all operations and observed how my parents and other experts were discussing diagnosis and making decisions about treatment.

My father had PhD degree in his veterinary field (related to horses) and had strong academic interests. He was always writing in the evenings and on weekends. He has written handbooks, a number of articles and chapters to university textbooks.

This experience I had in my childhood has been an important driving force behind my research interests. These are: medicinal chemistry, drug development, synthesis of active ingredients of medicines of very high stereochemical purity which sometimes allow unexpectedly efficient treatment. And one of the latest of these interests is elucidation of the role of lipases in natural sugar chemistry related to their ability to produce chemically active hydroxyaldehydes via decyclization of less active hemiacetals.

I remember having somewhat unexpectedly found an InnoCentive Challenge Bulletin in my mailbox in 2001. It was interesting reading material and I highly appreciated the free access to challenge details, but, unfortunately, until the end of August, last year, I was not an active solver.

In August 2009 a challenge on stereochemical problems caught my eye – it felt like a personal challenge. The Challenge details seemed attractive because of its clear, direct and honest style. I felt that due to my long-term experience in the field I could offer something useful to the seeker and the people working on this problem. Therefore I proposed my (awarded) solution.

InnoCentive has been a valuable medium, offering information about important problems in my own field of research as well as related fields. I find it inspiring for its multidisciplinary aspect. I feel having received a lot of useful information from InnoCentive and now, hopefully, I have given something back by solving a challenge. I am certainly interested in participating, together with InnoCentive and other solvers, in delivering more innovative solutions in the future.

When it comes to my hobbies, I have to mention the wonderful national parks of Estonia. I am fortunate enough to have a summer-house and some land in the oldest of them, Lahemaa National Park. Together with my classmates, I was one of the first employees of this national park in June 1971 when it was founded. We worked in the forest. Later I participated in restoring old windmills in the park. I absolutely enjoy the free time I spend there together with my family. Especially fantastic are the brown bears (wild) that come in fall to eat plums and apples in our garden. Visitors (other than bears) of Lahemaa may rent horses in several farms to have riding trips in such untouched environment near seashore in 70-100 km from Estonia's capital of Tallinn.

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