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Posted by Steven Telio on May 21, 2010 10:33:30 AM

Another week, another major update to

Two weeks ago we introduced you to the new Challenge Center. Today we are introducing an update to the solution submission process, Solutions 2.0.

Thousands of solutions have been submitted to InnoCentive via our website. Our goals when designing Solutions 2.0 were to retain the best parts of the process that has worked so well for years, while also making it easier for you to submit and track your solutions, and ensuring that solutions remained secure and confidential. For Seekers, our goal was to further streamline the evaluation process, so we were able to better track and evaluate each solution.

Solutions 2.0 has been used with selected InnoCentive Challenges since the beginning of this year. Based on the enthusiastic and very positive feedback we have received, it is now being used for all submissions on all Challenges.

Solutions 2.0

Some of the notable features and benefits of Solutions 2.0 are:

  1. Submit Solutions and attachments securely and confidentially: As always, all data is transferred securely via the InnoCentive website and is only accessible to authorized personnel. A structured workflow ensures that all submissions are reviewed and evaluated.
  2. View all submitted solutions: Through the Solution 2.0 interface, you may see all of the proposed solutions that you have submitted for a Challenge, and you can open and view any of the files you have submitted. You now have a record of the files associated with your submission, and an online confirmation of what InnoCentive has received. It is a worry-free process since you can see exactly what has been submitted; there is no guessing if it has been received.
  3. Submit multiple solutions for a Challenge: You have always been able to submit multiple solutions to a Challenge. Solutions 2.0 allows you to view them all on one place, and also gives you the ability to replace a previous submission with a newer one, or to submit an entirely new solution.
  4. Delete a previously submitted solution: Should you decide that you do not want a submitted solution to be evaluated, you can simply delete it from the site. If a solution is deleted, it will not be eligible for an award.
  5. Update an already submitted solution: You can replace or delete any of the files associated with a Solution. You can also add new files to your submission. So, in the case where you proposed an initial solution then came up with a better approach or supporting information, you can now revise and amend the initial proposal.

The upgrade to Solution 2.0 has happened automatically for all Challenges that are Open and Under Evaluation. You do not need to do anything to enable or use this new feature. Simply go to your project room for a Challenge and click on the My Solutions tab.

Here is a snapshot of the new submission page:

Submit Solution - Middle - 1st submission

If you have previously submitted to a Challenge using the old-style solution submission process, all of your submissions have been preserved and are listed on the My Solutions tab.

A quick reminder of the process each submission goes through. As a Solver, you create your solution, upload the solution files plus any supporting attachments, enter a title for your solution, then send the solution to InnoCentive. Your solution files, which are secure and confidential, are reviewed by InnoCentive and then forwarded to the Seeker who sponsored the Challenge. All submissions are sent directly to the appropriate InnoCentive personnel. Each solution is then reviewed to ensure that only information relevant to solving the Challenge is forwarded to the Seeker. For example, no personally identifying information is sent to the Seeker to preserve the Solver’s privacy and ensure all solutions are considered on their merits. The Seeker is then responsible for evaluating submissions and informing InnoCentive of the winning solutions, if any. InnoCentive goes through a Solver verification and intellectual property transfer process, as appropriate, before issuing the award.

We value your input and feedback. Please let us know what you think of Solutions 2.0.

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