Still Gushing, Still Pushing

Posted by JohnDila on Jun 21, 2010 2:11:16 PM

The days and weeks pass, and oil continues to blast upwards from the bottom of the Gulf. And as time marches on, we continue to receive submissions from you about how to stop the gushing oil.

To date we’ve received over 800 formal submissions and, starting this week, we want to showcase several solutions that exemplify of the breadth and depth of this community’s work on this Challenge. Patterns of solutions have emerged, as well as some very novel approaches to both the gushing well and the clean-up.

It’s been tough getting BP’s attention—tough for the Feds, tough for local seaside communities, and tough for us to get your solutions to the right hands.

But we’re still pushing, still communicating with the right channels.

We will have an update soon from our CEO, Dwayne Spradlin, about our progress and what he knows from the front lines.

Meanwhile, watch for the first in a series of Gulf Oil Spill solution profiles in the next day or two. Who knows—it might be yours.

Topics: Challenges, Seekers

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