Oil Spill Challenge "Solution Revealed" #2: Barge Barrier

Posted by JohnDila on Jun 24, 2010 5:57:54 PM


The days and weeks pass, and oil continues to blast upwards from the bottom of the Gulf. And as time marches on, we continue to receive submissions from you about how to stop the gushing oil and protect the coastline. Because of the importance and magnitude of this disaster, and because we want to keep you apprised of various InnoCentive activity around this Challenge, we are glad to share over the next several weeks the details of several key solutions and ideas we've received from you. Today's post is a summary of a submission by Geoff Daly, who is a relatively new InnoCentive Solver.

This barrier solution is really an answer to Louisiana’s Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungessers request for protection of the Barrier Islands.

The floating Barge solution will protect the barrier Islands from being further contaminated by oils coming ashore. There are available between Baton Rouge and Slidell approximately thirty-two hundred and fifty river barges each at least hundred feet long. This number is more than sufficient to produce a barrier structure in front of all the Barrier Islands from nearly Dauphin Island extending west of Grand Island at a fixed position based on the 30-foot high tide mark. The barges—placed in a row nose-to-stern is nearly 73 miles long. And the barges are there now.

These resources can be immediately mobilized within hours, not days or months, and require no dredge and fill permits or forms from USACE.

Additionally, Saint-Gobain's ChemFab division can fabricate the Teflon barrier material in continuous lengths (this material is used for huge roofing areas at airports and places UK Millennium Dome, and is rated for 250 MPH and 978 Lbs/in tensile.

We would solid-weld the barges together and anchor accordingly, then use skimmers cruising up and down to get the oil against the Teflon barrier all the way down 30 feet.


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