Predictive Data Analysis - Maximize Your Potential with Prodigy

Posted by Beth Perkins on Jul 27, 2010 1:24:57 PM


Prodigy is an add-on Challenge feature that allows Seekers to increase Solver engagement on their computational or data-oriented Challenges.  When using Prodigy on computational Challenges, Solvers are able to get instantaneous and quantitative feedback on how well their solution fulfills the Challenge’s objective and how their performance compares with other Solvers.

When should I use Prodigy?

  • Crowdsource analysis of any dataset
  • Identify the best result or find the best analytical method
  • Improve the attractiveness of your Challenge and set clear performance benchmarks
  • Business Applications:
    • Market segmentation
    • Optimized product recommendation engine
    • Business analytics and analytical method development.
  • Biomedical Informatics Applications:
    • Dx and Rx biomarker discovery based on clinical data
    • New target identification
    • Toxicology modeling
    • Virtual drug library screens
  • Apply the Prodigy on proprietary data after masking it, public data or synthetic data

Most computational Challenges involve the dissemination of data for use in analysis or modeling.  The Prodigy works by asking Solvers to use those data to build a model and compare it to a “gold standard” (i.e. known answer, also provided by the Seeker) so that the Solver can track their success against the standard.  Scores provided by the Prodigy are typically a correlation coefficient that quantifies the significance of the solution found.


How does it work, continued:

  • Scoring with any reasonably computed method: r, r2, RMSE, etc. are supported.
  • To prevent gaming, Solvers are limited on their daily submissions to 5.
  • Submissions which are not statistically significant are not displayed on the leader’s table.

InnoCentive introduced this capability to give Solvers greater transparency into the process and allow them to gauge their own progress against the submissions made by other Solvers.  Think of this as a scoreboard of success and intelligence. Seekers will have the benefit of getting the best possible solution out of every participating Solver as Solvers refine and improve their solution.  As the Challenge progresses, it is typical that the maximum Prodigy score will increase steadily until the end of the Challenge.

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