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Posted by JohnDila on Aug 7, 2010 10:39:44 AM

question-mark6aGreetings Solvers--

I'm curious about the low usage of our Solver Forum and I'm writing today to draw your attention to it and ask you to visit and give your input.

First, did you realize there is a Solver Forum on the IC website, which is there for your use? You can use it to express a view, connect with other Solvers, or to connect with IC.

Now I'll be the first to admit, in the age of rampant social media technologies, it's a slim offering today, but we're looking at building it out around the Solver Community's needs. I'd love to know if and how you use forums and other social media. Leave me a comment here or post your thoughts on the forum.

Second,  I posted a note on the forum last week about one of our current open challenges (InnoCentive Solver Community Visualization Tool, Challenge ID: 9543015). Check it out--Solvers are working on the challenge right now, and they could use your input. Maybe you even want to open a project room.



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