Special Offer for InnoCentive Solvers - 30% Discount on the Economist's Ideas Economy Event Registration

Posted by Connie French on Aug 9, 2010 8:22:35 PM

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In May 2010 we announced our collaboration with The Economist and their Ideas Economy event series to launch The Economist-InnoCentive Challenge on 21st Century Cyber-Schools. The Challenge's winning Solver and solution will be highlighted at the upcoming September 2010 Ideas Economy Conference in New York City, titled "Human Potential."

As part of our partnership, The Economist has invited us to offer you a discount of 30% off the registration fee, if you register before August  27th. To receive the discount, please enter code HP-INNC during check-out.

The series was founded based on the premise that the world is now governed by ideas.  The events bring together top thinkers from around the world to debate the most important ideas of our time. Ideas Economy: Human Potential will focus on the world's growing population, the challenges of educating billions of new people and the effects of technology on the nature of education, management, and talent development. The event will expose you to expert opinions and challenge your current thinking on what organizations of the future will look like. It will open your mind to the world your business will be competing in 5, 10 and 15 years from now and push you to engage in new strategic thinking.

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