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Posted by Connie French on Oct 18, 2010 1:22:20 PM

Attention InnoCentive Solvers!

Do you know someone who would be a great InnoCentive Solver? Someone who is a visual thinker and a do-it-yourself tinkerer who is always asking “what if” and “why not” in their never-ending quest to make things “better.” Someone with eyes on the stars who can help NASA forecast solar flares with an 80% accuracy rate? Or a mechanical whiz who could create the next mosquito trap or enhance the next generation of BOGO lights for African villages? Or perhaps someone with creative ideas who loves to brainstorm about interesting concepts? If you do, refer them to be an InnoCentive Solver and have the opportunity to earn a cash bonus!

Referring someone is easy:  click here to learn more and get your referral link. Forward your link to anyone you think would like to be a Solver. When friends or colleagues click on your link and register with InnoCentive, you’ll automatically get credit for referring them. When they solve their first Challenge, you can earn up to $1,500!


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