A "Disruptive" Challenge for Business Students

Posted by Beth Perkins on Nov 30, 2010 5:12:30 PM

economist 3rdThe third Economist Challenge is all about disruption - disruptive innovation that is! The Challenge is to create business models that reinvent the established and prevailing means of doing business. Or in other words, disrupt what is current, which is the very soul of innovativeness.

The Challenge, aptly called Disruptive Innovation , is a great opportunity for innovative business minds, and is perfect for MBA students. As new-comers to the business world, The Economist and InnoCentive believe that MBA students are uniquely positioned to be extremely innovative and disruptive to conventional business models. We want to give you – MBA students – a soap-box to stand on and a large megaphone to call attention to your ideas. This is a perfect opportunity for you to align yourself with The Economist, showcase your innovative ideas (with the potential for funding!) and gain experience and exposure at the Ideas Economy conference in March 2011. Wouldn’t that be a great resume detail!

The business plan can be for a new business or a new model or approach to a current business, but it must embody “disruptive innovation.” Not only will MBA students have the potential to win a cash award of $5,000-$10,000, but the winning Solver will be elevated to the position of speaker or participant at the March 2011 conference in Berkeley, California and will have the perfect opportunity to gain international exposure for themselves and their ideas.

Remember, the “biz plan” can be on ANY subject or topic as long as it is innovative and conventionally disruptive, viable for success and scalable. So put on your thinking caps, let the creative juices flow, unleash your inner disruptiveness and let your imagination soar! Wouldn’t it be awesome to tell your professors, fellow students and future business partners that your business plan was showcased with The Economist!

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