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Posted by Beth Perkins on Nov 30, 2010 3:11:42 PM

harperJason Harper is the 3rd Place winner of the 2010 InnoCentive Video Challenge Changing the World.

My story is a little unique; I joined InnoCentive to promote InnoCentive via video. In advertising, you've got to find a reason to believe in the power of a brand. If you don't have a reason to believe, then the people who you're selling to certainly won't have a reason to believe. Fortunately, that wasn't difficult for me. InnoCentive outsources talent worldwide. Solutions can come from anywhere. That's brilliant. I crafted a message that had everything to do with the individual -- the lone man or woman developing that midnight idea that could change the world. It takes that personal foresight and dedication to see beyond what the crowd is doing and reach for something new.

When I founded my media production company (www.jmharpermedia.com), I did so on the basis that the forthcoming generation is a digital generation. There are positives and negatives to this movement, and the film industry, my industry, isn't immune. We're undergoing a radical format change. The switch from analog film to digital changes everything from aesthetics to production schedules, payouts, crewing, you name it. I knew that this new wave of change would be led by new media, and that meant that new content opportunities would emerge and live predominantly on the internet. My company now produces brand-sponsored storytelling online. It's a simple way to inspire people. And that's what InnoCentive does. The challenges are like ready-made inspiration. All that's left to do is the creative. All that's left to do is solve.

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