E&P coverage from Oil & Gas Symposium in Houston in November

Posted by Beth Perkins on Dec 16, 2010 9:18:58 AM

InnoCentive Innovation Expansion Manager Chad Carrington spoke with E&P Editor Judy Murray about InnoCentive's Oil & Gas Symposium in Houston, Texas on November 17th, 2010.

OG SignDuring last month’s Oil & Gas Symposium, E&P Editor Judy Murray made the point that as the oil and gas industry faces greater and more exacting technical challenges, it becomes more important to be able to innovate rapidly.  In a follow-up E&P article online, Judy emphasized that this reality has become increasingly difficult, with the notable gap between the aging experienced resources and those newly hired to the industry.  For more event details, see Judy Murray’s perspective in the following article,  Open collaboration takes a giant leap forward.

In an effort to mitigate the risks, the industry trend has been to organize for more effective collaboration in an effort to more efficiently address escalating field intelligence requirements.  Today, leaders are learning that timely viable solutions can be found well beyond traditional industry sources when diverse resources are engaged in a structured Challenge-driven approach.  The result is that novel solutions can be found and securely utilized across industries. E&P has been following the growing trend to explore how technology is being transferred across industries and the increasing value of solutions when motivated minds approach a problem from different directions.

Here is an E&P article about the changing landscape and InnoCentive’s participation in facilitating it: Open innovation changes the playing field. Additionally, here is an E&P blog with more thoughts about the possibilities with transferring technology: Technology transfer gets an edge.

- Chad Carrington, InnoCentive

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