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Posted by Beth Perkins on Dec 29, 2010 10:41:41 AM

Yury Bodrov is a multi-Challenge winner, one of which is the NASA Challenge Improved Barrier Layers… Keeping Food Fresh in Space.”

yuri I studied at the Saint-Petersburg Institute of Technology and concentrated in the Chemistry of Biologically Active Substances program. Then I worked in the Russian Scientific Center of Applied Chemistry (in Saint-Petersburg) on various problems in synthetic chemistry, chemical kinetics and physical chemistry. Nanotechnology became my main scientific interest in 2003, so I went back to the Saint-Petersburg Institute of Technology to continue my education as PhD student in protein based hybrid nanostructures. I currently continue to work in this area and to create new materials for biomolecular nano-electronics.

I had learned about InnoCentive five years ago in 2005. Since then, I have participated many times in InnoCentive Challenges, but was always unsuccessful. Suddenly, in 2007, fortune smiled at me and I managed to win a Challenge. I think it was thanks to my wife and two my beautiful daughters who have always supported me in all my interests.

I often ask myself what is the real reason that I participate in InnoCentive Challenges? Probably, to be really honest, the main reason is the passion. The spirit of competition that InnoCentive has fostered has had an amazing effect. The desire to test one-self, the desire to understand and evaluate the potential of one-self, pushes me to repeatedly participate on InnoCentive Challenges. I am not a fan of gambling and I think gambling is somewhat different. By participating on the InnoCentive Challenges you bet primarily on your own intellect and the challenge itself is essentially a challenge of intellects.

Another equally compelling reason is the creative component of the InnoCentive Challenges. The sensation of being able to create something in its pure form is simply breathtaking. You can create your solution yourself, and despite the fact that there are certain set conditions (the Project Criteria), the boundaries for creativity do not exist because any problem can be solved by several methods.

And perhaps there is one more important thing. If you win, it means that you have contributed to decrease entropy on the planet. And your idea will be used in an application that is really needed for people today. Here is an example. All of us dream of Space in our childhood. Perhaps this childhood dream remains when we become adults. Therefore, by participating in the NASA Challenges, I was hoping that my idea will win and then it will be utilized up in an actual space project; that is the dream and hope of people today. So when I received the good news that my solution for the NASA Challenge “Improved Barrier Layers… Keeping Food Fresh in Space” won, I was extremely happy about that. I just imagined that my idea, albeit in adapted form, could be implemented in a real NASA Mars mission. This is a great honor and it is a chance to possibly touch a lifelong dream. And it is possible thanks to InnoCentive, which, in my opinion is a unique company that allows people from around the world to participate in the creative challenges of those famous governmental organizations like NASA.

It simply remains for me to thank InnoCentive for these opportunities and to wish good luck and new success for all InnoCentive Solvers.

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