Funding: Researching Outside the Box

Posted by Connie French on Jan 25, 2011 4:47:51 PM

Last week Nature wrote an interesting article about crowdsourcing and open innovation, dedicating most of it to InnoCentive Solvers. The article, called Funding: Researching outside the box, discusses the motivations for both Solvers and Seekers to engage in “open innovation” on the platform, and the benefits derived by both parties.

Using the InnoCentive platform, organizations – companies, non-profits and government agencies – eager to take advantage of the distributed knowledge in the “wired world” are able to gain access to products, patents and solutions that are outside the confines of their own organizations. They post their pressing business problems – Challenges – on InnoCentive, ready to be solved by the “problem-cracking” individuals looking for opportunities to challenge their problem-solving skills and creativity, earn awards, enhance their confidence and achieve career independence and flexibility.

Top Solvers Yury Bodrov, Mounir Errami and Ahmet Karabulut are profiled, as well as winners Simone Sergi, Chris Wilmer and Grace Kepler. They talk about the Challenges they’ve won, their motivations for participating, and some very interesting observations about the “current state of open innovation” for those who can “think outside of the box.”

As CEO Dwayne Spradlin says, the InnoCentive methodology method “the right people to solve the right problem at the right time.”

A link to the article can be found here.

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