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Posted by Beth Perkins on Jan 31, 2011 10:09:30 AM

Horace Lee is the winner of the JC virus or Polyomavirus Animal Model Challenge.

Horace Lee

I am a research assistant working on viral innate immunity in HKU-Pasteur Research Centre at the University of Hong Kong. Before that, I was a master student in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and my thesis was on animal neurodevelopment. I have a broad interest in science, no matter they are related to my current work or not. Reading books and journals is my favorite pastime simply because I love science.

I have always had a passion in innovation, especially with approaches that unravel the basic mechanisms of life. However, as a research assistant I had had little chance to innovate before I finally came across InnoCentive through an online advertisement last May. I was overwhelmed with joy to discover something I had been looking for all along. My winning challenge, JC virus or Polyomavirus animal model, is a lucrative and challenging project that immediately caught my eye. I decided to give it a try without hesitation. In the first few days of my involvement, I underwent a brand-new experience since I knew nothing about the virus before. Moreover, without any experience working with mouse infection models, I had to dig heavily into the literature and started with the basics. To my happy amazement, I won the first challenge that I attempted. Not only I received a decent amount of monetary award, I was excited to see my knowledge I acquired during the innovation process to be put into practice.

As an unestablished young scientist born and living in Hong Kong, I find InnoCentive a vibrant playground regardless of age, education and geographical location. Anyone can prove his/her ability once he/she has got a good idea. I would urge anyone who wants to recruit creative and innovative students to your graduate program to visit InnoCentive. I am now planning to apply for a PhD program in the United States.

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