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Posted by abingham on Feb 24, 2011 1:16:47 PM

Mario Alejandro Rosato is the winner of the second  Economist-InnoCentive Challenge, The Capture of Atmospheric Carbon to Address Global Warming. He presented his winning plan at The Economist’s Ideas Economy: Intelligent Infrastructure Event on February 16-17 in New York, NY.

Mario Rosato BlogI was born in La Plata, Argentina in 1961, to a family of Italian nationals. I built my first thermal solar panel at the age of 16 and as undergraduate assistant collaborated with several department chairs. I obtained a scholarship on renewable energy in Italy in 1986 and graduated in electric, electronic and environmental engineering in 1988.  Just a year later, I became a Professor of Renewable Energies. My thesis on wind turbine design was published as a book in Spain in 1992, sponsored by the European Community.

In 1990 I relocated to Italy and worked for several companies, sometimes in business areas that had nothing to do with my professional background. Research on renewable energies was the first love of my life and you know, one always remembers the first love…

I finally founded Sustainable Technologies SL in 2009 and a friend told me about InnoCentive. I decided to try and since then, I have been awarded a prize sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation (Rain Harvesting in Kerala) and one of The Economist on The Capture of Atmospheric Carbon to Address Global Warming.  Two prizes out of five proposals submitted, in a tough competitive environment. Quite stimulating, don´t you think?

Apart from InnoCentive, I won some prizes from Caixa Manresa and Innovacat and am currently (Feb. 2011) in competition for the Entrepreneur XXI Prize in Spain.

The good thing with InnoCentive compared to other similar competitions of ideas is that the anonymous proposal system ensures full meritocracy. In InnoCentive, your ideas are worth what they represent and contain, regardless of where you obtained your diploma or your nationality or ethnic origins.  Also for companies, the system allows consistent savings in R&D costs and ensures “out of the box” thinking, finally independent from the “academic endogamy” of many organizations.

Definitely, I will keep competing. Welcome and good luck to all!

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