Reducing your carbon-footprint with a 420 square foot apartment

Posted by abingham on Feb 24, 2011 8:29:36 AM

In light of The Economist-InnoCentive Carbon-Capture Challenge, it is interesting to see the various ways sustainable infrastructure can be incorporated into everyday lives. And if ideas for green living occur through crowdsourcing, then the world must surely be heading toward a more self-sustaining way of life. I came across this the article about a crowdsourced contest (for a prize of $70,000) where the participants were asked to design the layout of a “mere” 420 square foot apartment in New York City. The photographs seem to be out of a science fiction movie set in 2323, where everything converts into something else.

The contest’s founder was Graham Hill (founder of TreeHugger), who wanted a green, efficient and aesthetically pleasing design for his Soho apartment that didn’t lack any of the amenities that were important to him. HE worked with worked with the creative technology platform and community jovoto, and received some truly remarkable and beautiful ideas. The winning plan is called “One Size Fits It All” and it certainly fits the bill!

Furniture pieces fit into wall spaces like jigsaw puzzles; they can be moved or converted within the space so that at one instance you have a living room with a sofa, which then becomes the bedroom with a queen size bed; bunk beds fold into walls and sliding doors glide to create partitions and privacy for a work space or a guest-bedroom space; the bathroom contains a spacious walk-in shower slash steam room; storage areas are housed under furniture or fitted into walls – this apartment is a living, breathing space that transforms itself to the occupants’ needs seamlessly and harmoniously, providing all the comforts of space, necessity, luxury (no one can tell me a steam room is not a luxury!) and efficiency. Nothing is wasted. Best of all, it is a space that is sustainable, created to use 20% less energy than the average NYC apartment, with energy efficient appliances like a compost machine in the kitchen.  Even the contest’s name, LifeEdited, denotes a stripping-away of the unnecessary and excess.

Have a look at “One Size Fits It All” and imagine the possibilities for your space.

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