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Posted by Beth Perkins on Apr 28, 2011 10:36:26 AM

Solver since 2009gamina small

Occupation: Freelancer in pharmaceutical business research
Education: PhD in pharmaceutical technology
Residence: Japan
Challenges Awarded: 2

  1. Definition of Region for Clinical Trials ($10,000 Challenge)
  2. Literature Examples of API/Excipient Incompatibility ($10,000 Challenge)

I am a freelancer working in pharmaceutical business research domain. I first learned about InnoCentive in 2002 during my master’s program. Since then I have always been interested in InnoCentive, however I could not find time to work on Challenges due to my research work.

After my bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Delhi University, I pursued my master’s and doctoral studies from the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Punjab, India. After completing my education, I worked for a Knowledge Process Outsourcing company in Delhi where I worked in the life sciences and healthcare division. Though I kept looking at Challenges, I could not focus on solving them because of time constraints. It was only after moving to Japan in 2009 and becoming a freelancer that I worked my way back to InnoCentive while visiting nature.com.

I attempted to solve problems not only related to my subject but also other interesting Challenges where I could fit my ideas perfectly. Initially, when I submitted my solution for an Ideation Challenge, I was never confident that I would hit the target. But the award for my first solution gave me the confidence to explore more and each Challenge brings with it bounty of learning and knowledge, whether I win or not.

Solving these Challenges gives me immense satisfaction and provides me with a chance to get my ideas out to the global community. InnoCentive has not only given me an opportunity to successfully apply my skills in solving Challenges but also created awareness. I strongly believe that knowledge never goes to waste and because of some Challenges I have become sensitive to issues which did not bother me before. At times we take many things for granted or do not realize the depth of the situation. Challenges posted on InnoCentive such as those related to PET bottle caps are not only interesting but also bring to light the underlying problems.

InnoCentive provides a very constructive platform for working minds from all over the world. Solvers are not limited by geography, profession, or educational background, so problems are seen with different perspectives. For Solvers, it is an opportunity to work on realistic and complex industrial issues which they may not face personally and also to look beyond their focus areas. There are no limitations or restrictions of how you approach the problem and it is totally upon your intellect and creativity to solve it.

Among the many other forums working on similar business models, I feel InnoCentive clearly stands out. Their staff is very supportive and the whole process from viewing the Challenge, to submitting the solution and then getting the award is completely uncomplicated and genuine. I sometimes wish I could know the real solution that answered the Challenge, especially for Ideation Challenges, just for curiosity’s sake. I am proud to be a member of InnoCentive family and hope to contribute in future Challenges.

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