Introducing the Popular Science/InnoCentive Education Challenge

Posted by Connie French on Aug 16, 2011 9:15:02 AM

PSC0911_IN_096 blogYesterday we announced our collaboration with Popular Science to stimulate worldwide interest in science and technology innovation. The collaboration includes the Popular Science Innovation Pavilion as the destination for a variety of Challenges tailored to engineers, architects, scientists and technologists—as well as the garage tinkerers and basement inventors.  In addition, Popular Science and InnoCentive have launched a Challenge to find a better way to teach science to school children.  Earlier this week, Popular Science's West Coast Bureau Chief Jacob Ward blogged about this Challenge - an excerpt from his blog is below.  The entire article is available here.

Introducing the Popular Science/InnoCentive Education Challenge

It’s time to get the next generation of scientists thinking about what’s important, and you can help. Below are five education challenges chosen by the editors of Popular Science in partnership with InnoCentive, an open-innovation and crowdsourcing firm. We invite you to devise a simple lesson plan for one or more of them. Each plan should be directed at middle-school students, involve at most three 50-minute sessions, and require less than $50 in materials. The most engrossing, informative and easily replicated approach in each area will earn you a cash reward—and the chance to see your work implemented in classrooms across the country. Visit our Open Innovation Pavilion to register.

Read the rest of the article here.

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