Time is running out to help Popular Science educate the next generation of scientists!

Posted by Connie French on Oct 27, 2011 1:57:34 PM

Why would Popular Science join forces with InnoCentive? Popular Science is all about problem solving - bringing the world extraordinary and previously unimaginable scientific breakthroughs as far back as the telephone. The notion that groundbreaking innovation can come from anywhere is what has helped Popular Science build such a loyal following among readers. At InnoCentive we believe in the same principles, and have built a community of people from "anywhere" who can't wait to see what we throw at them next. When we combine Popular Science's content and readership with InnoCentive's network of brilliant problem solvers, the result is an explosion of creativity, imagination, ingenuity, and brainpower.

Now you have a chance to "Make Your Ideas Part of the Revolution!"  Popular Science is looking for innovative new ways to teach the next generation of scientists. But time is running out.  The Popular Science/InnoCentive Challenge is only  open for a few more days.  Click here and submit your solution before it's too late!

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