Don't Let a Good Idea Get Away!

Posted by Dwayne Spradlin on Oct 28, 2011 12:55:14 PM

Recently we challenged a team of students from Tufts to create a video in their own voice about what it means to be a problem solver. And to make it particularly challenging, we gave them no resources or guidance.  They'd have to make magic happen with only their creativity, energy, a video camera, and a PC for editing.

The final video, which they titled 'Don't let a good idea get away!' blew us away.  It is fresh, humorous, and captures the power of that "Eureka!" moment all at the same time.

We were so encouraged by the Tufts students that we have decided to award special prizes for our 2012 Video Challenge to teams of College students.  We’ll award Solvers in three categories – best video overall, best video by a college student or team from the US and best video by a college student or team from outside the US. First prize will be $5000 – the 2 runners up will receive iPads. More details can be found in the Challenge statement here.

Kudos to the Tufts students who brought this video to life from all of us at InnoCentive!  We love the video and know InnoCentive community will as well!


Dwayne Spradlin
InnoCentive CEO

Topics: Challenges

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