InnoCentive Grows to Provide New Opportunities for Seekers and Solvers

Posted by Connie French on Nov 14, 2011 9:26:44 AM

By David Sample, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, InnoCentive

I’m a road warrior.  I’ve spent a career expanding businesses to remote corners of the world and have been fortunate to discover innovation and intellectual curiosity in the most unexpected of places.  From the rain forests of Brazil to the deserts of Dubai, I’ve learned that we all share a need to solve problems.  We all want to make our worlds better.  And we all want to connect with others who challenge us.

This is why joining InnoCentive has been so fulfilling for me.  As Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, I’m tasked with expanding our global footprint to increase the innovation capacity of organizations around the world.  This means not only ensuring that our Solver network comprises a diverse mix of individuals from as many different backgrounds as possible, but also providing problems for our Solvers to work on that reflect issues they may not have encountered before.

DSC_0390-S50Over the past few months, we’ve been actively formalizing partnerships to help us extend our reach in strategic geographies.   In Q2, we selected Innovabia, an Arabian Advanced Systems company, to help us bring new Seekers onboard in the Middle East and North Africa. Innovabia is headquartered in Dubai, UAE, and Riyadh, KSA, and has a deep understanding of the business needs in this area. We participated in a formal kick off with our first corporate KSA client, SABIC at an Innovabia/AAS hosted reception and dinner in Riyadh.  InnoCentive CEO Dwayne Spradlin, pictured at the event, pledged a dual effort to expand the Solver and Seeker communities in the region.

Also in Q2, Innovia joined forces with InnoCentive as a partner in South America. Headquartered in Brazil, they will work to expand the Seeker and Solver presence in Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.  In Q3, InnoCentive helped kick off a new partnership in Colombia by participating in an Innovation Day, sponsored by our partner, Tecnova. Over 750 people attended the event and were very enthusiastic about the address given by InnoCentive’s VP of Government Jon Fredrickson. Tecnova will provide solutions throughout Colombia and Peru.

India has always provided a rich source of Solvers to the InnoCentive network. In recent months, we have moved to further to expand the Solver as well as the Seeker base in this diverse and vibrant country. 2010-2020 has been declared “the Decade of Innovation” in India and we are excited to be at the forefront of this initiative with our new partner, EREHWON Consulting.  As the InnoCentive partner in India, EREHWON will help expand exposure to InnoCentive in industry, government, and education throughout the country. To kick off the partnership, InnoCentive joined EREHWON at a recent innovation day for Petro Federation of India (PetroFed), held on October 19th in New Delhi.  Participation in this event, via a formal presentation and more informal networking with attendees gave us a new appreciation for the level of potential innovation capacity in this region.

I’m very excited about what can be accomplished by expanding innovation capability in South America, the Middle East and India.  We’ve carefully chosen partners with that we think best understand the innovation needs of their areas and can help us serve those areas well.  We look forward to welcoming our new Seekers and Solvers from around the world!

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