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Posted by TimOBrien on Dec 14, 2011 1:19:03 PM

In March of this year, we started sending a "Certificate of Performance" for winning Solvers to put on display in recognition of their accomplishment. This month, due to feedback from Solvers in the Winning Solvers LinkedIn group, we decided to send out certificates for every single Challenge awarded to any Solver who had logged in to InnoCentive within the past two years. This translated to over 800 certificates to be printed, stuffed in to addressed envelopes, and then mailed all around the world. I documented the whole process so that you guys can get a peek inside InnoCentive!

photo5 A stack of Challenge certificates, all for top Solver Yury Bodrov

photo2 The massive pile of certificates. We're going to need some help...

photo4 First, we lured everyone in to the conference room.

photo6 Then we put them to work :)

photo7 Fueled by pizza, we made short work of addressing and stuffing the envelopes. Here's Mike Bittarelli sorting the enveloped by country.

If you've won a Challenge, you should receive a certificate in the mail any day.

Keep on Solving!

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