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Posted by TimOBrien on Dec 28, 2011 2:52:19 PM

Adrian Perez won the Challenge Communication Platform to Connect Vulnerable Communities with Climate Change Solutions.

adrianperezCurrently I live in Savannah, Georgia, USA. I moved to Savannah from Honduras for tertiary schooling at the Savannah College of Art and Design. My academic specialty is the built environment with specific interests in systems thinking, interaction design, and sustainability.   Upon completion of my schooling, I moved to Kenya where I was doing work with the United Nation Human Settlements Programme under the Disaster Management Programme looking into subjects such as appropriate technologies, human displacement, and climate change. I eventually returned to Savannah and became involved with an organization called the Emergent Structures Projects (ESP). ESP’s mission is to increase the value and accessibility to building material waste streams through facilitation, collaboration, education and advocacy.

I heard about InnoCentive at a lecture by Jonah Lehrer titled “How We Decide”. He spoke about how the human mind comes to a moment of epiphany, a solution; he talked about how out-of the-box thinking is a product of interdisciplinarity, open-mindedness and moments of rest.  In discussing this subject matter, he mentioned InnoCentive.com. I remember making a mental note of this for future investigation. I have since been a loyal frequenter to the site.

On one of these ‘frequent visits’ I found a Challenge posted by the World Resource Institute for creating a communication platform to connect vulnerable communities to climate change solutions. As I read through it, I became excited, as I was able to relate to certain thematic areas due to my previous experiences in Kenya. Shortly after, I began doing my research on the three main subjects of the challenge: climate change, communication platforms and human vulnerability. Over time, I began to form parallels between the three subjects and eventually began presenting my ideas to friends over coffee. After much frustration, moments of rest and a fast approaching deadline, a final idea was decided on and submitted. After that, one can only wait. It wasn’t after losing hope that I received a congratulations email from InnoCentive.

I find that InnoCentive reflects the spirit of the age; it takes advantage of today’s connectivity, allowing for disassociated and wildly diverse input of human experience, targeting the same problem, equating to well-rounded, inclusive solutions. Thank you InnoCentive!

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